0221 The Churchill Tree

Sensitive refurbishment and extension of the existing Grade II Listed Sir James Black Building at Alderley Park, to create a unique pub and restaurant.

The primary objectives guiding the design process were to respect, restore and extend the original building to provide a unique, context specific restaurant/ gastropub.

The design aims to bring order and unity to the existing building via new interior interventions that meet the wide-ranging functional requirements of the end user. The design ethos is to re-affirm the significance of the original buildings, which subtly contrast with the contemporary design elements. Legibility and contextual design are key components of the scheme.

The use of traditional materials is intended to contribute to the grain of the historic courtyard setting. The proposed materials palette has been selected to complement the existing and proposed new buildings on adjacent sites. This is to ensure that the new build elements are complementary but distinct from the heritage assets.

The building comprises four different public primary spaces. Each main volume is visually distinct; clearly of its own time and serves to represent a chapter in the history of the building as a whole. The interior design has been driven by the unique characteristics of each space and their proposed new uses, such that each room has its own distinct identity and atmosphere.


Alderley Park Limited



Structural engineer:

Booth King

Quantity Surveyor:



RN Wooler